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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

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We have worked out the perfect solution for offices trying to cool down multiple rooms or cool down a large area - for example warehouse or storage space cooling. Portable Commercial units are perfect for rented spaces or offices where having a unit outside would be impractical or impossible because of planning restrictions. Our range of commercial coolers start at around 4.0kW of cooling, as far as we are aware this is the only range of portable air conditioning units which start at such a high capacity!

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Read our comprehensive FAQ page which provides answers to queries around system types and installation.

Most portable air conditioning systems are designed to be put into a single office space when occasional cooling is required.  If more than one office space is trying to be cooled, or a large space, this can lead to having multiple portable air conditioning units dotted around the room, taking up valuable office space.  
For maximum ease of installation these units come with a three pin plug attached, giving you a maximum of 10.0kW of cooling from previously unheard of 13a supply.

All of the mono block commercial portable air conditioning systems come with a duct to vent the warm air out of the room and multiple outlets allowing you to duct the cool air up to 20m away from the air conditioning unit itself.  If a split portable commercial air conditioning system is required then we have a 7.0kW system which allows you to place the indoor unit up to 30m away from the outdoor unit with plain old water running between the indoor and the outdoor unit - absolutely no chance of a gas leak with any of these systems.

Most of these commercial portable air conditioning systems come with a 2 year warranty,  easy to clean filters and readily available spare parts if anything
were to go wrong.  All of these units have been designed with the user in mind, making them as simple to use as possible.

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