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No matter if it's a DIY or Professional installation that's required, CoolEasy can help!

We've done the hard work, so you don't have to

Whether you're looking for advice regarding an installation of a portable product or a professionally installed system, you'll find all the desired knowledge in the pages below.

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  • Domestic

    All the required information to have a product or system installed into your domestic property, be it a portable or DIY unit or a system from our Easy-Fit range.

  • Commercial

    All the information you need to get an air conditioning system professionally installed, whether it's a single split or multi split system.

  • Garden Rooms

    All the information regarding our garden room partners and having an air conditioning system installed into your garden room by CoolEasy.

Looking to have an installation?

CoolEasy have a reliable network of engineers spread across the UK, so if we cannot carry out your installation ourselves, we can refer you to an F-GAS registered professional that can.

Please read the following information for further installation details or scroll straight to the bottom and fill out the form to be contacted regarding your installation requirements.

Professional Installation

Professional Air Conditioning Heat Pump Installations @ 0%VAT
(when supplied and installed by the same company)

Here at Cooleasy.co.uk we have heat pump Installers for most areas of England and Wales. We have teamed up with several air conditioning Installers nationwide, allowing us to refer you to a company on your doorstep. No one wants to have something installed by someone based on the other side of the country, so by having heat pump air conditioning installers recommended by Cooleasy.co.uk would be the perfect solution.

Our Network of Engineers Work In The Following (and Surrounding) Areas:

Carmarthen, Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport & surrounding areas

Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex
Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire,
London, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Essex & Berkshire
South Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire
Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire

Price Guideline for Standard Installation for wall mounted systems up to 4.1kW FROM £595 plus Vat

(A survey will need to be completed to give an accurate quote for an installation)

Parts only warranty - minumum 3 years, maximum 10 years subject to manufactures terms
Onsite Warranties available
from £129

What is a standard installation?

This is where the evaporator (indoor unit) is mounted on the inside of the external wall where the condenser (outdoor unit) is to be located & bolted directly to a set of floor skis or wall brackets inc in the price. Condenser location is on the ground floor, easily accessible and any walls are capable of supporting the weight of the equipment. Interconnecting pipe work is less than 4m & condensate line is gravity fed (additional pipe work charges from £25 - £40 per metre)

For systems between 4.2kW & 6.9kW add £110 plus vat
7kW and above add £220 plus vat
First floor installations add £110 plus vat - (1.5m from ground or 1.5m difference from indoor to outdoor unit)

For units up to 4.1kW the customer needs to ensure there is a 13a electrical plug socket within 1.5m of the internal or external system depending on the make of unit (type C or D breakers will be required). For larger systems a dedicated supply may be required. 

Installations not as described above will incure additional charges

Configuration of any WiFi options available on your AC units is not included in our installation, this must be completed by your IT experts.

VAT for domestic installations can be charged at a reduced rate of 0% rather than the standard 20% for both the installation and the AC equipment. Call us for more information

Please note the above is an installation price guide and not a fixed quotation. Installations inside the M25 and remote locations can be considerably more.


Servicing of your unit needs to happen every year to keep your heat pump operating efficiently and also to uphold the manufacturers warranty.
A heat pump service will include an engineer taking a look at the system to make sure it is still running as efficiently as it should be, checking for leaks and any other signs of wear and tear and providing the unit with a good clean with the correct chemical (Please note using incorrect chemicals on the fins and components can ruin your heat pump).

Cleaning the indoor unit filters on a monthly basis by yourselves, will help keep it running on top form.

Contact form

In order to have the system(s) installed, a site survey will likely need to be carried out. The more information you supply, the easier and faster this process will be, so you can enjoy the product sooner rather than later