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Cooling & Heating

UK weather is unpredictable, but during heatwaves, everyone wishes for AC. Many think it's only useful for those weeks, but these systems also heat, making them efficient year-round.

Medical Grade Air Purifiers

AirX Pro Air Purifiers feature patented technology and remove up to 99.9% of all particles, viruses, bacteria and other airborne allergens in the room, including Covid-19. Keep your staff and family safe, clean air is now more important than ever.

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  • Air Conditioning Overview

    From how it works to power outputs.

  • Single Split Systems

    One separate indoor and one outdoor unit.

  • Multi-Split Systems

    Multiple indoor units and one outdoor unit.

  • DIY Air Conditioning

    Easy to install, all-in-one solution, without the need for an outdoor unit.

  • Portable Air Conditoning

    No installation, indoor & outdoor units built into one.

  • Evaporative Coolers

    Uses evaporation to cool the air, almost silent.

  • Dehumidifiers

    Choose the right dehumidifier to keep your surroundings dry.

Air Conditioning, but not as you know it

Introducing LG's revolutionary Artcool range - a game-changer that redefines the very essence of air conditioning. A seamless blend of captivating design and cutting-edge technology, setting it light years apart from the bland white units we've grown accustomed to.

We are the UK's leading supplier of air conditioning, catering to heating and cooling requirements in residential and commercial spaces.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us, as we strive to provide a reliable, professional, and friendly service. As a prominent renewable energy supplier in Britain, we offer competitive prices without compromising on energy efficiency.

Our extensive range of climate control products ensures we cater to all domestic and commercial requirements, making us your go-to destination for heating and cooling solutions.

We are entrusted by the leading brands across the cooling & heating industry.

Cooleasy had a range of different brands to choose from and the prices were reasonable. They were also honest - another website showed they had a unit in stock, but when I messaged them, they didn't. I've already recommended Cooleasy to a couple of friends looking for AirCon units and, if we decide to get another unit for downstairs, we'll get it from here.

Mrs A S


Their delivery and dispatch was very quick. I ordered and received the air conditioning unit less than 24 hours after I had ordered it. They’ve also got the most competitive prices on the market and I will be going back to them again in future.



This is the second time we have ordered air conditioner from Cooleasy. They were incredibly helpful with the technical aspects both times and a very personable service. Delivery both times was fast in a few days and arrived undamaged. I am most immpressed with their service.

Nicholas L


Have used Cooleasy twice and would certainly use again. Good price with amazing service. I placed order online and within the hour had a phone call to say the item was being dispatched and would be with me the day after, and that's exactly what happened. Exactly what all customers want.

John H


Excellent Service. Ordered a Vision 3.1 System over the weekend and received a call on the Monday to say it would be delivered on the Wednesday.
Driver called 30 minutes before he delivered and I received it before 11am. Installed it on the Friday after a quick call to technical regarding removing a couple of wing nuts, which was answered promptly and accurately. Easy install and all working fine.

Brian F


I have been a customer of Cooleasy for many years for both business and personal use. Excellent service and reliable products, haven’t and don’t consider going elsewhere.

Kevin G


Delivery was on time, within 24 hours of dispatch. The Air conditioning Unit I purchased works like a dream. It was purchased for use in a workshop to dry it out and provide minimum constant heat. The humidity dropped from 88% to 62% within 3 days and temperature is being held at 14C. Highly recommended.

Colin W


We all expect a first class service these days and Cooleasy certainly delivered. Not only were they efficient, it was actually a joy to do business with them. I'll be buying a second Split Unit from them in due course. The unit itself is a nice piece of kit and very easy to install as I am an experienced engineer but any DIYer wouldn't have a problem.

Clifford S


I needed a chiller at short notice at the start of the heatwave, Cooleasy passed the first test - they had them in stock (others places I tried were out of stock) and a good range of choices. Next they had decent prices, delivery included and delivery took about 36 hours from Wales to Hertfordshire. All good.

Colin B


First review I've ever written, the customer service was just fantastic, they are so helpful any really know what they are talking about. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else now. The products are great and at a reasonable price. I can't recommend them enough!

Gary W


This is the second time I have dealt with them, both times it was easy to order online, fast delivery. When I asked a question earlier this year regarding installation, the staff were very helpful (due to having product knowledge) and I recommend this supplier. I wish some other suppliers would take a leaf out of their book!

John C


Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung & Midea Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Specialists

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units

At Cooleasy we provide a selection of only the best quality air conditioning units across the UK and we’re known for providing a comprehensive and professional service. Our range of products includes commercial air con, wall mounted air conditioning units and portable air conditioning systems as well as many more. When it comes to your new air conditioning unit, you have come to right place, we have a wealth of experience in air con units and have been providing excellent products to our customers across the UK.

Air Conditioning Specialists

At Cooleasy, we offer a range of air con units of only the highest standard, our climate control products will meet both commercial and residential requirements. We provide both commercial and residential units to suit your needs. We only aim to focus on quality products which has led us to be one of the leading air conditioning suppliers in the UK. What’s more is our team of air con professionals provide an effective and efficient service meaning that our clients can trust that they’re in the right hands when choosing a new air con unit.

The energy efficient and competitively priced air conditioning units that we provide are high performance systems which will work in both your home or business premises. Our products involve world renowned brands including LG, Unico, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Air Conditioning Centre, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. Whether you require Easy-Fit, DIY, wall mounted, portable or multi-split air conditioners, you’ve come to the right place with Cooleasy.

Easy-fit Air Conditioning Units

We supply a range of Easy-fit air conditioning units, which tend to be a popular option for our customers and are compatible for both commercial and domestic air conditioning requirements. Our Easy-fit products are simple to install as they are pre-gassed meaning there’s no requirement for installation tools and can be installed quickly. The Easy-fit air conditioning units have been designed to elegantly enhance your room’s aesthetic appeal. So if you’re looking for an air con unit which is visually appealing and quick to install, this could be the perfect option for you.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

We provide a selection of wall mounted air con units, another popular choice for air conditioning, wall mounted units are the easiest to install as well as being one of the most cost effective options. The modern wall mounted air con units we provide can also offer heating facilities as well as cooling.

DIY Air Conditioning Units

DIY air conditioning units are compact and easy to install, all in one for buildings where an
outdoor unit is not possible or preferred, these types of units are
ideal for a range of premises, whether it’s for offices, high rise
buildings, conservatories, hotels, home and commercial applications.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

We also provide a range of portable air conditioning units from only the highest standard manufacturers, the units we supply are top quality and include a range of features to ensure the most effective air con.

Air Conditioning Installation

Licensed Installers

As well as air conditioning units, being specialists in the area means we can also recommend a local licensed installer. When you choose Cooleasy.co.uk you can trust you’re in the right hands as our team also provide professional installation services in Wales and the West area. We boast a strong network of professional air conditioning installers across the UK who can be on hand to assist should you require any help. At Cooleasy.co.uk making sure that our customers are satisfied with the products and service they receive is our main priority.

Contact CoolEasy

Should you require any further information, please do no hesitate to contact our team today, or simply take a look at our product selection of air con units online. Our team have the skills and experience to help you choose the best air conditioning unit which suits all of your requirements. Simply contact us today!


What options do I have when it comes to my new air conditioning system?

At Cooleasy.co.uk we’re home to a wide range of air conditioning units, each product is selected based on its quality and efficiency, so whether you require a portable system, wall mounted air con, Easy-fit air conditioning or another system, you’ve come to the right place.

How much does air conditioning cost?

The cost of air conditioning units will depend on a number of factors such as the type of ac system you choose, the model of the air conditioner and a number of other things. When it comes to needing new air conditioning units across the UK, be sure to get in touch with Cooleasy.couk, we offer a large selection of products which are priced competitively, you’re bound to find something which suits all of your requirements.

Are air conditioning units expensive to run?

No, when you choose the right type of air con system it won’t be expensive to run. When you choose an air con unit from Cooleasy.co.uk, we’ll ensure that the system we fit meets your requirements meaning it will only cost you for when you use it.