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Evaporative Air Coolers

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Evaporative Air Coolers go by various names like Desert Coolers or Wet Air Coolers, with older versions known as Swamp Coolers. Operating on evaporation, they efficiently cool the air, ideal for hot, dry days. With minimal moving parts, limited to the water pump and fan, they run almost silently. Their lightweight, portable nature allows versatile use; perfect for spot cooling outdoors or keeping your workspace comfortable right at your desk in the office.
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Read our comprehensive FAQ page which provides answers to queries around system types and installation.

How Does An Evaporative Cooler Work?

Evaporative coolers work by air being passed over a moist honeycomb material, the warm air from the room will evaporate the water on the honeycomb, this evaporation uses heat energy in the air - meaning the air coming out of the cooler will be colder than the air coming in.

It works a lot like when you sweat on a hot day, the water that is being perspired is being heated up by your body, when it evaporates it is taking this heat energy away from your body and into the air around you.

How Do I Use My Swamp Cooler?

Water is put into the tank of the evaporative cooler, the colder the water the better it will perform
(putting a couple of ice cubes in there would be a good idea). You simply then need to move it into position and plug it into a standard 13a power supply. Occasionally topping it up with water/ice as required.

  • Large tank allowing for longer between top ups
  • Extra-High efficiency honeycomb pad, cools 30% more than conventional pads
  • Automatic air flow louvres, allowing for better air distribution

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