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Samsung  |  SKU: SAM-WFELITE12

Samsung WindFree ELITE 3.5kW Air Conditioning System

High Street: £1,359.99 High Street: £1,133.33
Our Price:
£1,160.99 Inc. VAT £967.49 Exc. VAT

The Samsung WindFree™ range keeps you comfortably cool without any cold drafts.
It provides intelligent indoor climate comfort thanks to smart controls that adapt to your personal preferences, automatically maintaining optimal conditions.

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Read our comprehensive FAQ page which provides answers to queries around system types and installation.

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Samsung WindFree™ ELITE

  • Three-step cooling: Fast Cooling mode, Dehumidification mode and WindFree™ Cooling mode.
  • Tri-Care Filter system with Zeolite Coating.
  • AI Auto Comfort and Motion Detect Sensor.
  • Wi-Fi Control with Samsung SmartThings and Bixby voice controls.
  • Compressor with Digital Inverter Boost technology.
  • Triple Protector Plus to protect compressor, fan and controller from power surges.
  • Auto Clean Functionality.
  • R32 Refrigerant.

WindFree™ Cooling
WindFree™ technology enhances your indoor comfort by using thousands of micro-holes to disperse fresh air uniformly without any unpleasant blasts of cold wind.
In WindFree™ mode, air is spread softly and silently, creating a ‘Still Air’ environment that provides you total well-being day and night.

Smart Operation
AI Auto Comfort introduces you to an intelligent way of living. It analyses your room conditions and usage patterns, and then automatically adjusts the temperature. Temperatures can also be managed remotely using the SmartThings App. Turning it on and off, selecting the cooling mode or scheduling its operation is just one touch away.

WiFi Control
Temperatures in your building can be managed remotely using the SmartThings App. Turning it on and off, selecting the cooling mode, scheduling its operation or monitoring the power consumption is just one touch away. The Bixby 2.0 Artificial Intelligence (AI) system analyses and predicts your needs so it can suggest the best settings for inside your home.

**UK F-GAS laws state you must provide us with details of the F-GAS registered engineer you will be using BEFORE we can dispatch any split systems.**


  • Cooling (Min-Max) (kW): 0.9-4.8
  • Heating (Min-Max) (kW): 0.8-7.3
  • SEER (W): 8.5
  • EER (W): 3.95
  • SCOP (W): 5.1
  • ECOP (W): 4.26
  • Indoor Unit Airflow (m³/min): 12.1
  • Outdoor Unit Airflow (m³/min): 45.0
  • Indoor Sound Power (dB/A): 58
  • Outdoor Sound Power (dB/A): 62
  • Operating Temp Range Cooling (°c): -10/46
  • Operating Temp Range Heating (°c): -15/24
  • Power Supply: 1 / 220-240 / 50
  • Cooling Power Consumption (W): 885
  • Heating Power Consumption (W): 940
  • Cooling Operating Current (A): 4.1
  • Heating Operating Current (A): 4.4
  • Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm): 889 x 299 x 215
  • Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm): 790 x 548 x 285
  • Indoor Unit Weight (kg): 10.6
  • Outdoor Unit Weight (kg): 32.5
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • Refrigerant Charging for 5m (kg): 0.97
  • Refrigerant Charging Ton Equivalent CO2 (tCO2e): 0.65
  • Liquid Pipe (mm): 6.35
  • Gas Pipe (mm): 9.52
  • Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m): 3/15
  • Pipe Height Max (m): 8


Installation Info

 Installation Info

The below information is a general guide and not for any specific air con system. The installation will require the services of an F-GAS registered engineer, who will be trained and have experience of installing these systems

Indoor Unit - Pre-checks

  • Ensure there is no source of heat or steam nearby.
  • Ensure there is nothing stopping the installation of the unit before drilling holes.
  • Do not mount above a shelf or a cupboard that could restrict air circulation.
  • For the unit to work effectively in cooling mode, it must be mounted 2m off the ground or above head height.
  • Make sure the installation wall is suitably secure.

Outdoor Unit – Pre-Checks

  • If you erect a canopy to protect the unit from rain and sun, DO NOT obstruct the heating dispersion for the condenser.
  • Don't keep animals or plants near the outdoor unit as the hot and cold air discharge will cause discomfort.
  • Make sure to have the distance specified in the installation manual (provided by each manufacturer) between ceiling, wall, furniture and other obstacles.
  • Do not mount near flammable gas tanks.
  • The mounting brackets/mounting plate or mounting feet for the unit must be secure, flat and level.
  • The outdoor unit must be secure, flat and level.

Installation Of The Air Conditioning System

Your chosen F-GAS registered engineer will aid you to select the best location for the indoor unit (Evaporator) and outdoor unit (Condenser) to be positioned.

You may also need to employ the services of an electrician, to supply mains power to the outdoor unit’s location. If in doubt, discuss this with your chosen air conditioning engineer.

The engineer will likely book the installation in as a half day or full day job, depending on the chosen locations and complexities of the installation.

They will usually supply all parts and sundries required to complete the job, as most systems available are only supplied with an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a remote control. There are various extra parts required to install an air conditioning system, this can include:

  1. Brackets or Feet
  2. Pipework and Lagging
  3. Electrical Cable
  4. Trunking
  5. Condensate Pumps
  6. Fixings and Fasteners
  7. Additional Refrigerant
  8. Plus many more items, depending on the type of system(s) being installed

It is best to speak with the engineer when discussing the quote given to carry out the installation, to see what is included.

Specialist tools are required to commission an air con system which your engineer will bring with them to install you system. Systems must be strength and pressure tested and held on a vacuum for long periods of time, to ensure they are going to operate effectively as possible and eliminate the risk of leaking refrigerant into the atmosphere.

Upon completion of the installation the engineer should issue you an F-GAS Commission Certificate.

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Samsung WindFree ELITE 3.5kW Air Conditioning System

High Street: £1,359.99 High Street: £1,133.33
Our Price:
£1,160.99 Inc. VAT £967.49 Exc. VAT


Elite WindFree Climate Control

Cooling Info


Heating Information


Energy level

Energy Rating = A+++
SEER = 8.5
EER = 3.95
SCOP =5.1
COP = 4.26

Noise level


Suitable for room sizes

Up to 30m²

Dimensions & weight

Indoor 889 x 299 x 215mm
Indoor 10.6kg
Outdoor 790 x 548 x 285mm
Outdoor 32.5kg

Smart features

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